7 Factors of Great Office Design

We are all guilty of over-using the word collaborationIt is a well-known buzzword whose meaning has been obscured through its constant use.  Yet collaboration is often on the minds of leaders when they start to re-imagine what a new or refreshed workplace might resemble.  In the course of designing a new workplace, it’s not uncommon for us to hear leaders say we need more collaborative space.  Or we might hear them say we want our teams to be more collaborative and less siloed – how can a better design accomplish that?  When discussing what a collaborative workplace could look like, we also inevitably consider the opposite – what does a quiet workplace look like?  Together, we guide leaders to see collaboration and quiet on opposite ends of a spectrum with a range of possibilities in between that vary based on whatever mix of work practices need to be supported.  To discuss how we do this, we recently published an article in the Harvard Business Review about how we give clients a design language they can use to imagine a more strategic workplace.  In the article we share two short case studies of our work with Adobe and Yodle and how we helped them create optimal work settings that support the needs of their people.

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