HLW Internship Perspective


Courtney Chiappa worked at HLW recently as an Intern and Junior Designer in London, she gave us her thoughts on what it is like to be at HLW. 

 Courtney Chiappa Interns Perspective

Why did you want to work at HLW?
I come from Bermuda and we have a major international business industry there. A few years ago I did some work experience with a small furniture dealership, and after visiting many of these companies that’s where my interest for workplace design first evolved. When looking for a placement I found HLW, saw the amazing work they produced, and was instantly drawn in.

What was the most exciting thing you have worked on?                                                          One of my favourites has to be for Sky Brick Lane. In the London office I am well known for my crazy sense of style when it comes to fashion, so this project being situated in one of the edgiest places in London, Brick Lane, was the perfect opportunity to use the thriving, artistic, quirky environment outside to reflect the architectural/design language inside. As designers we create spaces for people, we want them to feel good in the environment they spend so much time in, therefore we aim to create functional yet creative spaces. Sky Brick Lane has something for everyone in the space and hopefully makes people a happier to be at work. The best part of this project was being able to see it go from design to delivery for the first time ever. As we all know, during University everything is conception so to work with the team on the design and then see the project come to life was the ultimate prize!

What do you like about working here?
100% the people!!! The team is what makes HLW so special, they are a family! I have met some of the most talented, inspirational people at HLW. I don’t think I could have had a better placement, they gave me so much responsibility, helped me grow substantially and have contributed to so much of my happiness during that time.

What would you tell your friends about working at HLW?
I tell my friends all the time how much HLW means to me, I woke up every day happy, inspired and that’s all because of the environment I was in. HLW far exceeded my placement expectations, I gained invaluable experience and have gained confidence for my final year of university.

What is your favorite social event that you have attended at HLW?
Definitely the Halloween party, the team worked tirelessly to create a fabulous event. It was a great opportunity to meet people in the industry.

If you could switch places with someone at HLW for a day, who would you want to switch with and why?
It would probably be Abigail Le Marchand one of the Senior Designers.  Not only is she a globe trotter, traveling to the USA with our NYC office, when she was working in London, she also worked in Paris and Amsterdam. Making an impact on each of these locations design industries, seems like the dream to me! Abi is incredibly talented and passionate, she makes clients very happy with her design solutions and that is all we want to do as designers!

What is your favorite time of the work day?
I do love the beginning of the work day, it always feels like a fresh start. A day to do something new, something exciting!

Courtney Chiappa