Top Predictions & Pointers from MIPIM 2017

The HLW team headed out to Cannes last week for the annual MIPIM conference. There were significantly more people there this year and the positive atmosphere was palpable amongst the crowd, despite the cloud of political uncertainty. Perhaps it was the sunshine, but everyone seemed to be excitingly busy, with many companies taking the opportunity to reflect on their core values and assess how best to support and protect them going forward.

We kept our ears to the ground and gathered the top tips from the real estate crowd of 2017:

Projects in more regional areas set to grow exponentially in the next few years. 

We have had first-hand experience of this trend here at HLW with many of our clients undertaking projects in locations such as Farnborough, Feltham, Brentwood, Basingstoke, Bristol, Ipswich, Cambridge, Osterley, Chesterfield and Nottingham. High speed railways, cheaper real estate costs, rising housing prices in London and the desire for community were all cited as reasons behind the shift.

Firms are diversifying their offering in order to keep dynamic and relevant.

From developers creating in-house project management departments, to financial institutions that are at the forefront of some of the best coding happening today – everyone is pushing their businesses to be innovative and adaptable. We understand this approach, and have been supporting our clients in these endeavours, via our space utilisation studies, in depth building due diligence services, and creating bespoke design solutions to deliver spaces that can transform as our client’s needs.

Technology is not slowing down, and its integration within the workplace is essential for the fast and efficient running of a business.

Programes and devices that support a workforce, from the smooth running of a space to improving the health and wellbeing of the staff, have become the norm (as our expert Jordan Jones explains here). The need for tech companies to  integrate a Customer Engagement Centre within their workplace is growing in popularity,  for instance Hewlett Packard Enterprise have reinvigorated how they take their services to market, developing specialised customer engagement centres to showcase their products and create unique solutions for their clients. We predict that the popularity and need for these spaces will continue to increase as technology evolves.

European & global connectivity.

A world-wide joined-up approach to business, the improvement of technology and the increasing need for an outpost in mainland Europe has created a wave of new projects appearing in locations such as Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Prague, Berlin, Dublin etc. These locations offer great opportunities but also bring with them unique challenges, Bronte Turner explains more here.

The final hot topic was that of augmented reality.

Companies are using it to not only win work, gain funding and ensure sign off, but also to save money and avoid costly mistakes.  We are also utilising  these tools to aid our clients, with programs like Revit which has a number of advantages, such as issues that can be caught in the 3D model before they arise on site. Our BIM Manager Steve Magee will be explaining more in his upcoming Storyboard post- stay tuned.

We look forward to seeing how the year will unfold and how these points will develop, until Mipim 2018!

Rhonda Curliss, Principal, Managing Director of Los Angeles & Global Communications, Contact Rhonda: