Workspace design must be at the heart of any business plan

Workspace design must be at the heart of any business plan

Future office design is no longer a bolt-on service. It belongs at the centre of business strategy.

For many years, businesses have viewed office and building design as something to think about after everything else. This is no longer the case.

Design is integral to the business plan, because of its impact on the way people work. This means design firms need to be viewed as consultancies that can help companies operate successfully and profitably.

Successful productivity, business process and strategy go hand-in-hand with the work environment. Strategically-led design positively influences businesses’ success and future development. Experienced designers can provide an objective view that allows businesses to discover and define their personality and purpose, and then respond by creating environments that dramatically improve performance and efficiency.

Businesses must start their needs assessment with a thorough examination of their operations. The first aspect of this involves understanding current strategy and structure; goals for growth, diversification, efficiency and profitability; business processes, including how productive they are; and brand and identity. From these thorough conversations and examinations, designers can understand their clients’ wider requirements - not just physical property needs. 

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