Youthful Interior Design Solutions

HLW’s PRS for Music: Interiors with a Young, Creative Vibe

PRS for Music’s new London offices, one a relocation to Kings Cross and the other a heavy refurbishment of their Streatham space, have been featured in Contract magazine. The article is included in the Creative Workspaces section, illustrating how workplaces for creative entities are reaching a new degree of sophistication, while according to the author “mirroring” the young, creative vibe of those working in the space. HLW’s London Design Director Adam Strudwick spoke about the focus on youthful interior design, “It’s a challenge to attract and keep the right people, and a good office helps achieve that.” Design solutions such as the eight-floor café and terrace at Kings Cross create a social hub for staff and visitors alike, making best use of the surrounding views of the city. “The post-corporate approach can be gimmicky and ephemeral,” continues Adam. “We wanted to give PRS spaces that are clean, timeless, and modern.” Practicalities were also taken into consideration, as Senior Designer Abigail Le Marchand remarked on the stage function within the space. “Visitors see at once that there’s a commitment to performance. We worked with an acoustician to reduce reverberation and to ensure that we wouldn’t disturb the neighbours.” The project has resulted in an evolution of PRS’s culture that will take this youthful and innovative organization well into the future.

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